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Conni Kotte Interior

18. März 2014 | Daily Dose


conni kotte interior

14. März 2014 | Daily Dose

Highlight your desk

conni kotte interior 2

Momentan sind wir total vernarrt in kleine-feine Objekte für das Büro oder den heimischen Arbeitsplatz.

Kleine Unterstützer wie diese Eulenfamilie.

Available hello@connikotte.com.


13. März 2014 | Daily Dose

grey thursday – bright work day

Conni Kotte Interior - Work in progress


Conni Kotte Interior - work to do


Conni Kotte Interior - work in progress conference room Conni Kotte Interior - Conference room - Brainstomring - Copyright by Conni Kotte Interior



4. März 2014 | Daily Dose

Pineapple Express

Conni Kotte Interior

25. Februar 2014 | Daily Dose

Thank you, Berlin pt. l

Conni Kotte Interior

Lunch break im Stue Hotel

Conni Kotte Interior

ready for Party @ 25 hours Bikini

Conni Kotte Interior

Hangover walk im Tiergarten

Conni Kotte Interior

Neni @ 25 hours Bikini

Conni Kotte Interior

Köstlichste Ramen @ Cocolo X-Berg

Conni Kotte Interior



25. Februar 2014 | Daily Dose

Conference room like you want your life to be !

Conni Kotte Interior - Conference room - copyright by Conni Kotte Interior

#soexcited #bestprojectever

20. Februar 2014 | Daily Dose

<3 <3 <3 Berliner <3 <3 <3

Conni Kotte Interior - Lunchbreak - lovely Malihe

wir überbrücken das Mittagstief mit Berlinern. Warum kein Franzbrötchen ? Na weil wir uns morgen früh Richtung Mutterstadt aufmachen und das 25hours Berlin gebührend empfangen ! Wir freuen uns auf eine tolle Sause !

Any Tips was wir uns unbedingt anschauen müssen ? Wir freuen uns auf Vorschläge !

20. Februar 2014 | Daily Dose

<3 <3 Valentines day is over <3 <3

Accessoires Conni Kotte Interior

Conni Kotte Interior

. . . but love is with us all the time . . .

extraordinary accessoires for your desk


18. Februar 2014 | Daily Dose


Belfakto / Vivian

Das tolle Sitzplatz Ensemble kann durch das variable Design auch als Ausziehtisch gefertigt werden. Erhältlich in 3 verschiedenen Hölzen.

Available @ Conni Kotte Interior

Photos: Belfakto

5. Februar 2014 | Daily Dose

Corner of silence


It‘s always great to have a little area in your home where you feel absolutely relaxed. Having the window in your back and the view towards the room is the perfect position to reach full relaxation.

sidetable: Johnny Pietschmann

carpet: Jan Kath

chaiselongue: Frigerio

All items available at Conni Kotte Interior

29. Januar 2014 | References

Wood is good

Winter has finally arrived so we thought this newsletter should be all about a cozy interior design.

Not only cozy but also with a good vibe. Healthy, full of energy – ALIVE

Photo source: unknown

Wood as a part of your interior comes often with bad memories like your grandmothers kitchen. Forget about that ! WOOD IS GOOD !

It‘s a natural material that brings a vivacious vibe into your home.

Combined in a modern way with high class accessoires, warm colors, a lot of sun light and even stone elements wood can affect your quality of live big time !

photo source: unknown

During this newsletter we‘d like to present some extraordinary products we absolutely adore and recommend to our dearest clients

Bildschirmfoto 2014-01-15 um 12.04.08

These lamps are available in different sizes and models such as ceiling light, desk lamp, etc.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-01-15 um 12.04.32 1

If you need any further informations regarding this product please do not hesitate to contact us

via hello@connikotte.com or +49 40 80 790 224

Bildschirmfoto 2014-01-15 um 12.04.47

All lamps are made of veneering wood and of course hand made. Working with a natural material like wood implicates a unique output. Every lamp is a individual item that fills up your room with a energetic relaxing atmosphere.

photo source: unknownall product pictures via www.raum12.de

23. Januar 2014 | Daily Dose

Fried eggs in the morning . . .

Conni Kotte Interior


. . . make everyone happy 

pair of lounge chair // goat hair fabric

22. Januar 2014 | Daily Dose

In the mood for . . .

Bildschirmfoto 2014-01-21 um 23.36.31

some really fine Interior Design 

21. Januar 2014 | Daily Dose


Conni Kotte Interior

Lampfoot // Vintage // excl. shade 850€

7. Januar 2014 | Daily Dose

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