Wood is good

Winter has finally arrived so we thought this newsletter should be all about a cozy interior design.

Not only cozy but also with a good vibe. Healthy, full of energy – ALIVE

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Wood as a part of your interior comes often with bad memories like your grandmothers kitchen. Forget about that ! WOOD IS GOOD !

It‘s a natural material that brings a vivacious vibe into your home.

Combined in a modern way with high class accessoires, warm colors, a lot of sun light and even stone elements wood can affect your quality of live big time !

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During this newsletter we‘d like to present some extraordinary products we absolutely adore and recommend to our dearest clients

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These lamps are available in different sizes and models such as ceiling light, desk lamp, etc.

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If you need any further informations regarding this product please do not hesitate to contact us

via hello@connikotte.com or +49 40 80 790 224

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All lamps are made of veneering wood and of course hand made. Working with a natural material like wood implicates a unique output. Every lamp is a individual item that fills up your room with a energetic relaxing atmosphere.

photo source: unknownall product pictures via www.raum12.de